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Class of 2008


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Well, welcome to the Class of 2008's community. Summer's here, and we're all dealing with the various things that that entails, but this in no way means we should be inactive. Here's to the seniors. Feel free to ask whatever you need to as we go into the college application process!

Please be respectful of others in the community. You can post whatever you want about yourself or whatever you want to say as long as it's not disrespectful to someone else. It's a community for love of this graduating class everywhere.

Things You Could Post

  • Your GPA

  • Your School's Name and Location

  • The Number of People in Grade (right now)

  • Your Favorite Classes

  • Your Least-Favorite Classes

  • Anything About Yourself That We Should Know

  • Have fun, everyone. If you need the maintainer: arthurbulla.