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02 September 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Response to the previous post  
I hope everyone is having a fantastic time at their respective universities while I, the ASB President of my high school, president of the environmental club, liason for the interact club (of which i was in all 4 years of high school), member (and medal-winner) of the Academic Decathlon team, underclassman mentor, recipient of the Community Service Excellence award (appx 400 hours of community service completed), Most Improved Player of my cross country team (2 years), 10-year soccer player, and all-around EXCELLENT candidate for a university am CHILLIN at the f-ing local JC because all of the sudden, every college I applied to decided that someone with all the extracurriculars listen above and the turnaround kid of the freaking century (sexual abuse victim turns a 0.98 GPA sophomore year to 3.6 GPA, weighted with AP English Lit, which I was able to skip the prerequisite for, with the help of her therapist, various coaches, and Outward Bound Wilderness) isn't worth their acceptance.

Ha! I thought it was hard receiving 7 rejection letters-- what a joke! What the killer really was is looking at all the new "Omg new dorm <3" pictures on facebook and wishing that I actually was holding on to something resembling a fraction of a life.

Don't take your university education for granted, kids! Think about where you could be right now (see above)!

maybe I'll pick the lucky straw with grad school?

um......anyways.......congratulations to everyone........really. I may seem bitter now, but I'll get used to my high-school dropout classmates eventually...................
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