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09 March 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Countdowns running thin...  
Wow, graduation day is right around the corner. I and a friend hadn’t even realized this until our English teacher announced to the class that it would be happening two and a half months from now. Both of us had nearly fallen from our chairs, we were so struck by surprise, haha. Guess we've both been pretty busy with work and all to notice, but now, it's all we can think about.

After four years of hard work and awkward, yet interesting or unforgettable, moments, we’re finally getting the pay off. I know I can’t be the only ecstatic one here.

There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months: Delivery of the caps/gowns and class ring, Prom, Gradnite, Senior Picnic, and then the big climatic day, followed by the rest of our lives.

I remember browsing through photobucket, and this graphic caught my attention, it had the following slogan:

Party hard, rock n' roll
we're the class you can't control
the girls are fun, the guys are great
'cause we're the CLASS OF 2008!

We got the best one ever, yo'. ;) 

One of many friends and I celebrating the greatness that is our class at the Homecoming Night Rally. This was taken back in late August, so we both look pretty different - thank goodness for that, eh? ;) By the way, I'm the dude on the left.

Coolest shoe ever.

Eh, a bonus...

I have much more to show, but I'll save you all the uglyness. :D
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Olga: sex on legs cuddymaliciousmotive on March 11th, 2008 12:56 am (UTC)
It was 3 months for me last Monday =)

I definitely am ecstatic as hell! Aside from a few close friends at school, I pretty much really dislike my school (particularly the administration) so I can't wait to get out =]