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13 June 2009 @ 12:12 pm
WOW. First year of college is officially over. How does it feel?
02 September 2008 @ 08:33 pm
I hope everyone is having a fantastic time at their respective universities while I, the ASB President of my high school, president of the environmental club, liason for the interact club (of which i was in all 4 years of high school), member (and medal-winner) of the Academic Decathlon team, underclassman mentor, recipient of the Community Service Excellence award (appx 400 hours of community service completed), Most Improved Player of my cross country team (2 years), 10-year soccer player, and all-around EXCELLENT candidate for a university am CHILLIN at the f-ing local JC because all of the sudden, every college I applied to decided that someone with all the extracurriculars listen above and the turnaround kid of the freaking century (sexual abuse victim turns a 0.98 GPA sophomore year to 3.6 GPA, weighted with AP English Lit, which I was able to skip the prerequisite for, with the help of her therapist, various coaches, and Outward Bound Wilderness) isn't worth their acceptance.

Ha! I thought it was hard receiving 7 rejection letters-- what a joke! What the killer really was is looking at all the new "Omg new dorm <3" pictures on facebook and wishing that I actually was holding on to something resembling a fraction of a life.

Don't take your university education for granted, kids! Think about where you could be right now (see above)!

maybe I'll pick the lucky straw with grad school?

um......anyways.......congratulations to everyone........really. I may seem bitter now, but I'll get used to my high-school dropout classmates eventually...................
29 June 2008 @ 09:23 am
I had my last day of classes the 14th of May, and graduated the 27th of May.

-Top 10% of my class
-Graduated chair number 32 (392 students all together)
-NHS student, We the People State Champs
-Competition dancer
-Dual Enrolled student (took 2 classes at high school and took College Algebra and Comp. 1 at MGCCC)

I decided to just do community college for two years. This was decided for multiple reasons.
- Two full ride scholarships (1 for ACT score, the other for doing Honors College)
- Must who complete the Honors College go on to receive full scholarships for the remaining two years

Ummmm I guess the last thing to do is show you my course work for my major: Forensic Science =)
Honors Biology
General Chemistry
Honors World Civ
Comp. 2
Honors Forum

What have yall decided to take?
27 June 2008 @ 10:39 pm
Public Service Announcement:

Advanced Placement scores can now be received by phone.
20 June 2008 @ 12:43 pm
We did it! Well, I'm assuming most of us have?
I graduated last Thursday. Summa Cum Lade, Phi Beta Kappa, third in my class, voted most likely to succeed, it was all pretty cool.

I leave for college in 21 days, it's insane.
16 June 2008 @ 03:12 am
I'm surprised there haven't been more posts here. . .maybe we're just not very cool?

I graduated on the 3rd. It was pretty anticlimactic.

Attending: Emerson College in Boston, MA to major in Writing, Literature, and Publishing--thinking about minoring in photography as if that'll open up real non-idealistic opportunities in life for me, haha.

Congratulations everyone. :)
19 May 2008 @ 08:22 am
I graduate today. It's a scary thought, but I'm excited!

Anyone else graduating soon?

ETA: It's over! YAYYY!!!

Picture under the cut!Collapse )
Feeling: excitedexcited
10 May 2008 @ 09:12 am

3 weeks to graduation. wow.

anyone here going to western michigan university?

30 March 2008 @ 07:52 pm

Well they are all in... All of them are good new :D. Now i have to chose, which sucks because I want to go to all of them haha. So my top ones are Loyola, Incarnate Word, University of San Diego or Trinity. So I guess in a few weeks I will make my decision after reviewing all they have to offer.  If anyone has any opinions please do let me know. Thanks :].
Now I have to go study for government. Fun.

Current Location: room
Feeling: tiredtired
28 March 2008 @ 07:50 pm
I'm getting more nervous each day! 4 more days until I find out -- March 31 5:00 PM. I'm so scared. I want it so bad!!

I visited on Wednesday and omg, I loved it! I really really hope I get in. If not, I'm going to USP because my other choice is RU NB and lately, I've been reading up on Rutgers and I don't agree with their beliefs. Basically, they base EVERYTHING on your SAT scores. To qualify for a scholarship, you need at least a 1300 on your SATs plus top 5% if you want 5,000 a year. That's insane! It's only a state school... seriously. Maybe I'm also saying this because I got put on their wait list for the School of Pharmacy -- and even for the school of pharmacy, they only accept like 500 in the nation. idk, I guess I'm just bitter...

Anyway, Columbia was amazing! It's its own little campus, no need for a shuttle. There's an Asian market right outside (M2M) as well as a Japanese place, which is my fave. They have a HUGE library. My parents got over the whole money situation and are now like "I really hope you get in..."

Also: The NHS induction ceremony for my school was last night. It felt like a mini graduation. The third marking period ends Friday which means NO MORE RANKING! I can finally relax. I didn't do too well this MP, I'm expecting low A's, even in my elective. Oh well, I was AWESOME in the first two MP's, so that should even it out. I hope I go up in my rank to #3, but if I don't, it's okay, I'm fine with being #4. Man, I can't wait for graduation!

Prom for me is May 23 -- I'm still waiting for this guy to ask me.. So I'm getting nervous about that too. The deadline is April 18. UGH!

I'm too stressed out. I have so much homework this weekend -.-;;
Feeling: stressedstressed
28 March 2008 @ 07:47 am
Alright, so a few weeks ago, I heard back for the first time from a college-- University of San Diego. They rejected me. I casually mentioned it to a friend, who was like, "Whattt?? I applied to USD and haven't heard back!" and then, about a week later, she was accepted and offered a $70 grand scholarship.

So. If anyone has heard from Mount Holyoke or Pomona College and I haven't, I assume I haven't been rejected. Anyone?

I am thus far 0 for 5, which is sort of mind-numbing. I mean, I really thought I would get in places. I live for school. I'm my school's ASB President, I'm the president of the environmental club, I do AP classes, I have the second-highest amount of community service house in the entire school (soon to be the highest), my letters of recommendation were phenomenal...how? It can't just be bad luck. You hear people say "oh, colleges are so unpredictable" and five colleges are not collectively unpredictable.

It feels like an incredible waste of my high school career.

09 March 2008 @ 06:57 pm
Wow, graduation day is right around the corner. I and a friend hadn’t even realized this until our English teacher announced to the class that it would be happening two and a half months from now. Both of us had nearly fallen from our chairs, we were so struck by surprise, haha. Guess we've both been pretty busy with work and all to notice, but now, it's all we can think about.

After four years of hard work and awkward, yet interesting or unforgettable, moments, we’re finally getting the pay off. I know I can’t be the only ecstatic one here.

There’s so much to look forward to in the coming months: Delivery of the caps/gowns and class ring, Prom, Gradnite, Senior Picnic, and then the big climatic day, followed by the rest of our lives.

I remember browsing through photobucket, and this graphic caught my attention, it had the following slogan:

Party hard, rock n' roll
we're the class you can't control
the girls are fun, the guys are great
'cause we're the CLASS OF 2008!

We got the best one ever, yo'. ;) 

Feeling: excitedexcited
Listening To: "Take Me Anywhere" - Tegan and Sara
18 February 2008 @ 11:34 am
4 MONTHS, GUYS!!!!!! :) :)
29 January 2008 @ 08:08 pm
GPA: 109.149 at the end of Junior Year
School: BHS in NJ
Class Size: 397 (Numero 4 woo woo!)
Favorite Classes: Wind Ensemble, and I hate to admit this, but Chem and Calc
Least Favorite Classes: Italian and Web Design (GRR TEACHER. I like messing around in Flash though.)
Anything Else: I dunno. I applied to 4 colleges. Rutgers NB (School of Pharmacy), University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Columbia, and NJIT. I've only been accepted to NJIT so far (it was on-site, but I just went for it to get into a college. It's more of my backup backup backup), but I'm getting so frustrated that RU and USIP haven't responded yet (b/c they both have rolling admission)! Ugh, anyway. I applied to CU just for kicks, though I doubt I would be accepted into any ivy and neither would my mom want to pay for an ivy. I'm surprised though. Many of the people I saw in this community applied to way more than 4. err... Anyway, I'm getting so nervous about being accepted. All of my other friends were accepted to their #1 colleges or idk, just accepted. And it's stupid because I know I'm supposed to be on top of these things. So, knowing that I'm like the only one in my class that hasn't been accepted is depressing. I've been in this state for about 3 weeks... It sucks when people ask me where I'm going and guess what! I can't say anything. ugh. Is anybody else in the same boat? Oh yeah, my bio for the yearbook is due next week, so it's going to be quite embarrassing if I still haven't been accepted by then. So, because of that, personal stuff, and AP classes, I've been pretty down lately. I just want to know someone out there is or was in the same boat so that I have the courage to keep on going.
21 December 2007 @ 07:04 am
Hello all, my name is Emily...I live in California, and will be graduating from St. Helena High School (as the reigning ASB President, one might note) in June (obviously).

The colleges I applied to thus far are:
-Smith College
-Mount Holyoke
-University of San Diego
-Claremont McKenna
-University of Puget Sound

I've decided to visit colleges after I've been accepted...IF I get accepted...ugh.

Soo...hi : ) feel free to add or comment and say "Hey, I'm applying to ________, also!" or something. Good luck with finishing up apps & such!

13 December 2007 @ 09:04 pm
i just found out today that i got into my #1 college, Western Michigan University. 

13 December 2007 @ 08:05 pm
Hello everyone! I got my first acceptance letter!

I got acceptance into Assumption College in Worcester, MA.

It's my number 2 choice, so I'm hoping I'll hear back from more soon. I applied to these other schools:

Salve Regina University
Merrimack College
Stonehill College
Loyola College in Maryland

Anyone else applied there?

For those still waiting, I know it's painstaking and strenuous. But once you get that letter, it's such a sense of relief. And to others who have already gotten letters, congrats!

To think, we are to be the Class of 2012!
05 December 2007 @ 07:44 pm
 I just finished filling out my applications. I just need to bring them down to my guidance office with the checks tomorrow. And hopefully everything (applications, check, essays, recommendations, transcripts) get sent out by next week.

I applied to:
Dartmouth College
Quinnipiac University
Merrimack College
Roger Williams University
Southern New Hampshire University
New England College
University of Rhode Island

Anyone else apply to these schools?

I hope everyone is doing well with filling out applications.
For everyone who finds out about early decision/action soon, I hope you get into where you want!
03 December 2007 @ 06:37 pm
these 6 schools. tell me if youve applied to them too.

Western Michigan University
Auburn University
Wright State University
New York State University at Cortland
University of Minnesota
Tulane University
30 November 2007 @ 08:00 pm

Your GPA
it was 3.986 at the end of my junior year but now its 3.75

Your School's Name and Location
John A Johnson High School in St. Paul, Minnesota

The Number of People in Grade (right now)

Your Favorite Classes
right now, Anatomy and Physiology. best class ive ever had, Womens Strength Training
Your Least-Favorite Classes 
right now, economics. ever, uuummmmm, hmmmm, french 3. i just couldnt get it down

Anything About Yourself That We Should Know 
i rock?

27 November 2007 @ 10:09 am
Today a suprisingly handsome Herff Jones representative came to our school, saved my life by getting me out of Pre-Cal, and gave a presentation concerning caps, gowns, graduation announcements, and all that other good stuff.

The cap, gown, medallion, and tassel are all for $20 because of some arrangement my school has with the Jones company. The gown is rental and apparently a very light color so with those spotlights, it's a good idea for ladies to wear a white dress underneath or.. everyone'll see your goodies. D: You waltz off the stage and to the back where you are stripped of the gown and given your actual diploma.

The rest is history. Personally, I intend on paying off my class ring (because I neglected to last year), and grabbing a few of the other advetised items like the photo bracelet and personalised pen.
Feeling: satisfiedsatisfied
Listening To: 4th period class
12 November 2007 @ 08:24 pm
Anyone going on college visits soon? I'm visiting Emerson College in Boston in December, and I'm ultra-excited. I applied there on early action and if I get in I'll just piss myself with delight.
12 November 2007 @ 05:26 pm
Who else is absolutely ready to go to college? I just got back from visiting my brother at his school (University of North Alabama), and upon returning I realized how much I hate it here.

I want to go back. I know I'm not alone.

How are your senior years going? It's flying by, isn't it?
24 October 2007 @ 07:37 pm
It's about time c/o '08 saw some LiveJournal love. :D

GPA: See, what happened was... -.-'

School's Name and Location: William H. Turner Technical Arts High School (Turner Tech, for short). It's in Miami, Florida.

The Number of People in Grade (right now): About 380 from what I've heard.

Your Favorite Classes: English because that's always been my best subject, so many of my friends are in the class, and the teacher is awesome. Economics is cool too because it's a laugh a second, but the teacher has a bit of an attitude problem.

Your Least-Favorite Classes: Pre-Cal is horrible. I've never cared too much for math and having it first thing in the morning doesn't help. Physics is a close second because even though I have a good bond with the teacher, she's... not quite right.

Anything About Yourself That We Should Know: I'm Jamaican, but don't end every sentence with "mon". Figured I should clear that up from scratch. :P Everything's pretty much in my profile although it's in need of a good updating. I'm 18 now, clearly a senior, and not a virgin by any means. I could've died working for Kmart, so I quit and am still unemployed at the moment but looking. The rest is still fairly accurate, but if you want/need to know anything else, my MSN and email are listed. :P
Feeling: flirtyflirty
22 October 2007 @ 09:05 pm

Your GPA:
At the end of my junior year it was 3.98

Your School's Name and Location:
It's in Virginia, but that's all I'll say since this is an anonymous account.

Number of People in Grade (right now):
Nearly 200

Your Favorite Classes:
I kind of like all of my classes this year. My electives are pretty boring. But physics and calculus are kind of fun; I like problem-solving. Then I have AP English and AP Government. Both of those are more discussion classes, so I like those too. Hah. I like journalism too. I'm such a dork.

Your Least-Favorite Classes:
Finance, because it's boring, and Life Planning because it's a lot of busy work. I like when we cook, though.

Anything About Yourself That We Should Know:
It'll be really easy to judge me based upon some things stated in my profile. You shouldn't.

I'm not sure what I want to major in, or even sure where I'm going to college. I have it narrowed down to about three or four colleges here in VA (I don't want to go out of state).

Current Location: Home
Listening To: None
22 October 2007 @ 03:19 pm
Your GPA:
At the end of my Junior year it was about a 3.6.

Your School's Name and Location:
NSHS, New Site, MS. You won't find it on a map, don't bother trying, lol.

The Number of People in Grade (right now):
We finished Junior year with 51 but I doubt we have that many walk.

Your Favorite Classes:
Probably A&P(Anatomy & Physiology). It's easy :P. I like AP English most of the time, too. That class gives me the most work load of them all but I do generally like the class.

Your Least-Favorite Classes:
Physics, not so easy. Government, our teacher is an independent twit.

Anything About Yourself That We Should Know:
Nah. I'm pretty boring :P
19 September 2007 @ 04:37 pm

Sadly, not a senior, but I was 5 months ago or so! And a year before that, I was about to become a senior, looking at university and wishing I could get inside someone else's head. My friends had the same thought and one in particular thought to come up with Opinion Scape. It's a blog that will allow you to get inside our heads, the ones that just graduated from high school this year. We want to give you a picture of what it was like for us so you can take from it what you will, and also to offer ourselves as resources should you want to ask any questions. Since it was what we would have wanted a year ago, hopefully it's something you can use now.

We intend to blog through our experiences before and after applying to college - our thoughts, issues, resources, regrets, advice... In that way we hope to give you a clearer picture - of where we were and how we dealt with whatever issue universities threw at us - than we could with short comments. Perhaps scare up a laugh on the way. There's a comment corner at the bottom of every entry, and an e-mail contact address for every blogger - ask us questions, we'll be glad to help.

The site is easily navigable, so you can browse through blog entries by category - choosing universities, tests, application process, admissions decisions, preparing for university, campus culture, etcetera - or by blogger. We have one blogger in a UK university, three in the US, international students, two gap year students (one accepted by a US college, one still to apply), two from large universities, one in a small college, interest in a variety of fields... and more perspectives are more than welcome!

The site is new, and most of our bloggers have just started university, so there may not be an entry on the topic you need an answer for. In that case, just ask us! It's an informal blog by students, for students - an alternative to a long self-help book by someone years away from the application process. :)

If you're interested in becoming one of the bloggers, contact our site administrator and blog creator, Han. If you're just confused and looking for a little help, or someone else's perspective, then drop by the blog and see if we can't be of use! If we are, or not, do let us know

I hope this is an appropriate post. I thought that if people were interested in connecting with others, discussing the impending universities, that this might be helpful. I sincerely apologise if it's not...
Feeling: nervousnervous
20 August 2007 @ 12:18 am
Your GPA:
I believe it's a 3.5 or a 3.6 at the moment. I'm hoping I'll be able to up that a little bit this year since I'll be taking an AP class.

Your School's Name and Location:
Ehhhh. I'm not gonna post the name, but I go to school in Chicago.

Number of People in Grade (right now):
There's about...350 right now. So weird because my freshman year, there were almost 600 of us!

Your Favorite Classes:
Band, Environmental Science, British Lit (sometimes)

Your Least-Favorite Classes:
SPANISH. That class was freakin' EVIL to me. I know it's an easy language to learn, but my bad memory did not help when it came to conjugations. :[

Anything About Yourself That We Should Know:
I LOVE photography. I want to major in photography or graphic design in college. I'm pretty sure I want to go to University of Illinois at Chicago, but Columbia College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago comes in as close seconds. Sometimes I think, "I am not gonna make much money as a photographer/graphic designer...I should go for psychology...", but then I talk myself out of it because I'd rather do something I love than to do something I think is okay, and make a lot of money.

I think I'm the only person I know that considered their junior year to be the easiest/most fun. I have no clue why, but this year was nowhere near as stressful as my freshman and sophomore year, even with the ACTs and the pressure to get good grades.